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Get crime reporting help and feedback from your citizens.
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Data provided by a variety of law enforcement agencies around Kentucky.

Important Site Disclaimer:
This site plots data from official and unofficial police data sources. Data could be out of date, changed, erroneous, or missing. Sometimes locations are general areas in the city instead of a specific address. We plot as many as we can match to a place, and in these cases the marker is placed approximately. If specific location cannot be found, it is not plotted on the map. Use this map for reference purposes only, and at your own risk. Locations that come from official latitude and longitude data for each report are not tweaked by Crime Mapper. Sensitive crime reports (minors, sexual assaults, domestic abuse, etc) have their full addresses hidden and exact location fuzzed. This map is of REPORTED crime only - reports by some citizens can be wrong, mistakes, malicious, and may or may not lead to an arrest.